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Business Coaching Skills

be a great mentor
Successful Businesses Start With The People

Top coaching skills that a business or success coach should possess:

Business/Success Coaching is normally used by companies to provide support positively and improve effectiveness in business. They also provide positive feedback to top management about the progress of the individual or group. The coach is normally the head of certain department and not necessarily an individual from outside the establishment. The following are some of the top coaching skills that a success or business coach should possess:

1) Organized –this is one of the most important coaching skills since one need to be organized before going to enlighten others on how to be planned and organized.

2) Should be interested- he or she should pay attention and write down what an individual says or does, this way he gets to assist in getting to the core of the issue and getting the solution.

3) Should acknowledge development no matter how small or big it is, this helps in building the self-esteem of an individual. A word of appreciation can do wonders to an individual.

4) Motivation should be a skill that all coaches should have, always encourage individuals to go the extra mile to achieve what they desire regarding both career and personal growth.

5) Be firm- do not beat around the bush trying to drive a point home, if the individual is not cooperating kindly explain to him or her in plain truth and stick to your word. Put them on daily tasks and deadlines if necessary. Also follow up on their progress.

6) Result oriented –every coach knows what he wants to his team to achieve, every decision, every step he makes should be to drive the team to the goal.

7) Easy to talk to, communication is always the key. The coach should use his skills to get people to open as an individual and also as a group. He should ask open-ended questions and should not be judgmental on what he or she is told.

8) Flexibility is one of the most important coaching skills; some circumstances are inevitable so the coach needs to be spongy enough to fix his schedule per the group or individual.

9) Tolerance–as much as you want to achieve the intended goal within a given period not everyone and everything will fall smoothly into place. There will be hiccups here and there, but patience is a virtue and skill a coach should possess.

10) Secrecy should always be practiced, every individual in the group will at some point talk to you as the coach, they should be assured of confidentiality between you and them. This also improves on communication between the coach and the group.

11) Focused, a coach should not let personal issues get involved with his work he should be fully focused on the individuals needs and how to achieve them.

The skills can also be used by individuals to better their lives personally; a coach is there to help you in achieving your goals so do not depend on him or her. Be your own coach and apply the coaching skills to help yourself and those around you.


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